Vegan Pasta and Noodle Recipes

No, no, Vegan guys I didn’t forget you – although i haven’t made a post about vegan recipes in a long time. But this is about to change as i believe there are so many delicious healthy vegan recipes on the internet. I made this list for you, it’s all about the world of past,a but this time it is vegan pasta. Every recipe down here is for vegans, but also for the people who will want to try something from the vegan diet. So, here is the list of vegan pasta and vegan noddles recipes that i liked best. I hope you’ll like it guys, maybe not all the seven recipes, but I’m sure that there’s one recipe that you’ll try to cook it. 
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Easy Spaghetti Squash Pasta

They look tasty, and they really are, that’s why I’m opening this list with them. So it seems like vegan recipes are more than delicious.


recipe at:


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  2. felicia

    I pinned a vegan zuchinni noodle Alfredo and can not find out on the link. Can you find it for me. Thanks so much.

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