Eggplants – Why to eat them and How to cook them

Aubergine, Eggplant, Brinjal, Melongene, Garden Egg, Guinea Squash – call it whatever you like, this delicious and versatile vegetable is “guilty” for recipes like moussaka and ratatouille. Widely used in cooking, eggplant is related both to the tomato and potato. Although the raw fruit has a bitter taste, when cooked eggplant becomes soft and gets a rich and unique taste. Let us tell you a little secret of how to make eggplant softer and to reduce the amount of taste absorbed in the cooking process – salt the fresh sliced fruit and leave  it for a while, then rinse and drain. Another great thing about eggplant is that although it goes perfectly well served with meat, it can also be a great substitute for meat and it is one of the favorite ingredients used in vegetarian and vegan recipes. As we mentioned, eggplant is used in many famous international recipes like the French ratatouille, Greek moussaka, Italian parmigana di milaneze, Turkish karniyarik, but it can also be simply sliced and fried or roasted. As for the nutritive values, eggplant is low in  fat, protein, and carbohydrates and doesn’t really contain any valuable vitamins and minerals, but a study at the Institute of Biology of São Paulo State University, Brazil, found eggplant juice to significantly reduce weight and plasma cholesterol levels. 
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There so many ways to include the tasty eggplant in your everyday meals – salads, casseroles, stuffed eggplant, delicious side dish and many more. This is why we decided to share with you some delicious recipes including eggplant. Here is our choice – pick your favorites and click on the link bellow the photo for full recipe. We hope you will enjoy our selection.

Stuffed Miso Eggplant

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