The 15 Best Curry Recipes

 Time for some spicy curry recipes! We just love traditional eastern countries dishes, but also their variations adapted in different countries. Curry is usually made with a careful selection of herbs and spices – the choice depending on so many things like the country, family tradition or personal taste. It can be made with meat, fish or simply veggies and can be dry or wet meaning it can contain more liquids or not. Today there is a mix of spices sold under the name of curry but as we seed this is a commercial version and although you can use it for preparing curries, the spices mix of the original recipes varies. Each eastern country has its own famous curry recipes, with Indian and Thai curries being probably the most popular. Today we tried to choose the 15 best curry recipes according to our taste of course. Tastes deffer, but we hope everyone will find something they like in this selection. Meat curries, fish curries, veggies curries and even raw curries originating from different countries (even some modern versions) are included. Each link bellow the photos will lead you to the full recipe. Enjoy the round-up and don’t forget to hit the comments bellow with your thoughts. 
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Thai Seafood Curry Recipe

Best-Curry-Recipes_01 Full Recipe at 

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